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Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) - What is it?

Hawthorne DemoIt's sometimes elegant; it's often very lively; and it's always lots of fun. Danced to the distinctive Scottish jig, reel and strathspey music, it's good exercise, whether for your legs or your smile. Most of all, it's social dancing, and it's a great way to meet people. Because it's done in a set, everyone dances with others in the set.

The traditional ballroom dancing of Scotland, Scottish Country Dancing is still part of the social life of Scottish communities. With it's origins in the French ballet, it is a forerunner of American Square Dancing but, unlike square dancing, most of the dances are done in longwise sets, instead of squares, and without a caller.

The Los Angeles, Orange County and San Gabriel Valley branches are part of an international organization, The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS), and offer many classes each week throughout the southern California area. People come as couples and as singles; you don't need to bring a partner. In fact, you'll find that dancers change partners after each dance so they can meet new people. Each month the branches organize dance parties where dancers can enjoy the dances they've learned in class with those from other classes. In addition there are several formal balls, dinners and teaching institutes each year. With many musicians in the area, the music is often provided by a Scottish country dance band.

Founded in 1923, with headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland, the RSCDS aims to preserve the traditional dances of Scotland. Through its teacher-training program, publications and annual summer school in St. Andrews, Scotland, the Society ensures that Scottish Country Dancing is done the same way throughout the world. The RSCDS provides you with a worldwide network of friends who enjoy participating in this unique Scottish art form.


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