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Contra dancing at Harwood Lodge

ski-danceThe 14th annual Mt. Baldy Dance Weekend, sponsored by The Living Tradition, was held April 5-7, 2013. .

Rich Scher, keyboard

Emil Olguin, mandolin
Bonnie Insull, flute
Caller: Frannie Marr


Harwood Lodge - maps & info

Chris and I have been fortunate to have hosted and/or overseen many dance weekends at the Sierra Club's Harwood Lodge, at Mt. Baldy, north of Claremont, CA. Here's a writeup of lodge's history by Mary Morales and an article I wrote for Folk Dance Scene around 1984.


American and International Folk Dance and Music around Los Angeles

I started International dancing when I was a student at UC. There are lots of folk dance sites on the web so I'm listing only a few events I'm involved with. Links to other websites are at the bottom of the page.


Cerritos Folk Dancers at Harwood Lodge, Aug 9, 2015


The Contra gang from 2013